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Jersey Art Productions

Video Production Company

Jersey Art Productions is a video production company in Northern New Jersey providing original content (web shows, indie movies, live streaming shows/production and podcasts), multimedia services (screenplays, commercials, directing, business/personal promo videos) and wedding videography. 

Are you looking for a videographer, director or video production company? We can help!

Are you in the NJ area and looking for a wedding videographer? We can help!

Are you a musician, small business owner or other creative looking to shoot a music video, a commercial or other video content? We can help you!

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to see some of our previous work. Then, schedule a call or DM us to see how we can work together.

John Pellum, Producter/Director/Writer
John C. Pellum III
Mikelle Drew-Pellum, Producer/Marketing
Mikelle Drew-Pellum

Executive Producer/Marketing

Executive Producer/Director/Writer/

LiveStreaming Host

Jersey Art Production's Core Team

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