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You NEED a videographer for your wedding! Here’s why:

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Closeup of a canon camera screen capturing a bride and groom at a wedding ceremony.
A wedding videographer can capture those special moments during your wedding.

I read an article recently that said 75% of brides say they wished they’d hired a videographer for their nuptials, and 98% of brides say you should definitely get a wedding videographer.

And I’ll admit, I am one of those brides. I do wish I had a video of the wedding day. For many people, it’s about budget, but for me, it was just something we hadn’t thought about. We had a very short engagement, even the photographer was an afterthought. But now that my father and my husband’s favorite uncle have both passed on, and my husband’s great aunt is suffering from dementia, yes, the pictures of them are lovely memories, but I would definitely enjoy them more if I could again hear the words my Dad spoke to me as he walked me down the aisle.

Photography on your wedding day is important, but video can do something that photography can’t: it can capture sound and movement. Motion tells a different story, one that’s more potent than still photos. And if a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a film can do!

So if you are still asking yourself, "Should I hire a wedding videographer?", I invite you to consider the following 5 reasons why you NEED a video of your wedding day:

1. The Videographer will capture a lot of what you miss, and you will miss a lot! There were so many things my husband and my best friend told me about days after, years after the wedding, and I had no idea any of it was happening! (Some of it, I’m glad I had no idea about!) The day goes by so fast, and you want to make sure you take as much of it in as possible. But you can’t be everywhere!

The wedding videographers are your extra set of eyes. While you focus on your new spouse and the ceremony, they’ll capture the reactions and conversations from your family and friends. And then you can hit replay on all those moments you may have missed.

2. Memories are even more dynamic when you hear voices and see movement. I alluded to this earlier, but video evokes more emotion than a photograph when done well and tells a different story. Hearing the speeches, the laughter, the emotion in a guest’s voice is priceless.

And here’s something else you may not have thought about: your vows, the music, the toasts, those unexpected, candid or funny conversations cannot be photographed.

3. A video can be easily shared. If someone can’t make the wedding, now you can share the entire ceremony, or a short, highlight video on social media or via email. It’s also easier to share one video file or YouTube link than to upload 50+ images to a photo sharing platform so that everyone can see your wedding pictures.

4. Leave memories for future generations. How many times have you gone through a grandparent or even great grandparent's things, stumbled across wedding photos and wished you could have experienced more or seen more? A video will capture so much more and tell a much more compelling story. And if your parents are anything like mine, the photo albums come out at every family event. My parents’ have 1 official wedding photo and a few others from the day. The rest is their memories. How wonderful would it be to have actually seen a video of the ceremony? How wonderful would it have been for my parents to be able to relive one of the best days of their lives with friends and family, some who have never gotten together the same way again?

5. An iPhone or android is not going to capture the same quality or put together the story of you and your spouse like a videographer. I mean, I can’t argue with you that today’s phones can rival some of the best cameras. But a wedding video isn’t just about a bunch of clips of your ceremony taken on your cousin’s iPhone.

A wedding videographer is not only going to provide better quality footage, but he or she is also putting together a video that tells a story. Your story. The videographer will create a short film that you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life. Don’t leave that in the hands of your cousin and her iPhone.

See the Love Story of the Donnelly's

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding, even a small wedding. And it can get expensive. (Having done it on a limited budget, trust me, I know!)

But if you’re going to spend on what the guests will eat, or the dress you’ll wear for 5 hours and then never put it on again, or flowers that may only last a week, you should consider also spending your money on something that will last a lot longer and that you can go back to year after year (more frequently, if you want to) to remind you of the love, the fun, “the heart and humor” of the day.

If you need a videographer for your special day (or know someone who does), schedule a call today to see how Jersey Art Productions can help you create a film about your love story that you'll treasure for years to come.

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